Monday, December 31, 2012

Résumé: fashion 2012

At first, there are some fashion trends which are still fashionable, although their fame has already started in 2011 or maybe sooner - here they are:
1. Retro floral patterns

2. Denim

3. Lace

 Then we have some trends which I think have had their big boom only this year: 
4. Shoes: High heel pumps and Jeffrey Campbell shoes 

5. Glitter clothes

6. Printed leggings and pants
7. Fancy collars

And finally we should mention a new trend that has occured lately - baroque patterns. But I think baroque's big time is just at the beggining and it is about to really get in fashion in 2013 :)

Anett :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

FASHION or PASSION? Sometimes crazy...

I love reading magazines, I love being inspired by pictures, articles, people, fashion designers and others. But sometimes I wonder how far can this fashion industry go? I guess, that even further that we could possibly imagine... What do you think?
Here are some pictures I found and wanted to share.

Paris fashion (?) week

How nuts are those..

What a pretty girl, or is it a... boy?

I think that almost everyone who is interested in fashion have seen Andrej Pejic at least once. He is one of the most famous (male, female) models. He has modeled even for Rosa Clará's bridal collecton. He is blamed for stealing female models their job. Well I am not surprised. He may be interesting looking.. but seriously? I don't think, that men are the right ones to present women clothes.. 

O Canada, O Canada...

Summer 2012, oh well.. The best summer vacation I could possibly imagine. It was my fourth time, I went to Canada and I will go there again for sure. I spent the most time in Vancouver, but I also travelled down the west coast to California, but let's start from the beginning..

It was my first day in Vanocuver after I landed, I was jetlagged, but happy to stand finally on the ground:)

Down town walks...

Then I went to Whistler, Kamloops, Kelowna.. We also stopped at hot springs..

And then, I made a new best friend.. It was hard to say goodbye:(